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Welcome to Wyrmrest Accord!
HDM~ Iorek & Lyra Tundra
serenamina wrote in wyrmrestaccord
Hello and welcome! If you haven't already figured it out, this community was created as a place for players on the Wyrmrest Accord Server to congregate.

This community is obviously new (like our server), and so I'm hoping we can just kind of wing it a little.

I don't really have any rules at this moment, outside the obvious BE NICE TO EACH OTHER.

Things you can post about:
Your character (names, stories, thoughts, pictures)
Guild Recruitment / Searching
Looking for Help

Things that must be LJ cut:
Long character bios
Big Pictures
Posts with more than one small picture
.... Long posts in general.

We'll see how things go! If rules need to be put in place later, I suppose I'll do that. But I see no need to do so at this time.

Thank you for joining and see you in game!
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