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[H] New to WrA, seeking guild
lasharra wrote in wyrmrestaccord
Heya. I know this community is extremely quiet, but I wanted to say hello. I just transferred my main over with a friend and we're looking for an RP/raiding guild horde side. I know there are quite a few out there, but I've got a couple requirements that are seemingly hard to fill.

1. No raiding on weekends, or at the very least it's a rare occurrence to continue a run cut short, or unforeseeable circumstance.
2. It needs to be a multiracial guild since my friend and I are not the same race, nor could we be given our classes.

So I know that this is a pretty quiet LJ community here, but if you've got some suggestions, please take a minute to post. Even a simple link to a guild you think might be worth looking into would be fine. I'm not above checking their site out for myself, I just need some suggestions!

Thanks in advance.


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